My Keyboard Not Working On My Laptop

My Keyboard Not Working On My Laptop

My Keyboard Not Working What is the cause of my laptop’s keyboard not working? Let’s have a thorough discussion because it isn’t functioning properly. On occasion, a laptop keyboard might offer the finest performance.

One of the most important parts of the computer is the keyboard, so if it breaks, you can’t use it for work. Generally speaking, don’t worry if your job demands a lot of typing; this is common.

Are you only using a keyboard or a trackpad that isn’t working? is also inactive. If it’s the only keyboard, I’d advise you to fix it so it works normally again.

Your laptop’s malfunction could be caused by a number of factors. Let’s look at it. Why does my laptop’s keyboard not function? To restore your keyboard to its initial condition, try the following technique.

That is the most fundamental. When windows don’t load properly, they frequently break hardware or malfunction software as they should. Thus, you must turn off the laptop for a while before turning it back on. It should operate normally, but if you discover it hasn’t accomplished what you were hoping for, I advise repeating the process.

If windows failed to load properly after restarting, the keyboard might have appeared to be dead, but it should actually be fully functional.

The keys are all non-responsive:

Verify whether the laptop keyboard’s keys are all functioning properly. Inspect the keyboard for any broken buttons or broken keys.

My Keyboard Not Working On My Laptop

Don’t waste time returning a damaged key if you find one or more of them; chances are that it has been torn along the hinges. I advise taking it to the shop for repairs. They’ll be able to fix the problem quicker than you’d like.

Loose Connector from inside the Laptop

The keyboard connector on the laptop might have become loose. Our laptop computer may slip out of our hands if we’re not careful. Hence, it’s likely that the laptop that fell may have moved or the connector inside may have come loose. You need to connect the laptop after opening it in order to fix this. It is advised that you take it to a repair shop.

Cleaning Might Work the Charm:

You can clean it from every angle, yes. Remove the dust buildup below the keyboard with a dry, clean brush. Use your cleaning supplies if you believe the brush is insufficient to clear the keyboard of dust.

Assume you have a steady hand and the stamina to complete a challenging activity. Your keyboard’s frame may be readily removed so that you can give it a thorough cleaning.

I advise against removing the keys because you may easily shatter the hinges and make more damage than good. Check to see if it is operating after cleaning. If not, try the different approach to make it work again.

Try Troubleshooting :

The laptop has a tool that can use to diagnose your gadget. While waiting for the examination to be completed, it will identify the issue and provide a remedy.

If the troubleshooter can locate the issue, it can either fix it on its own or help you find its source. Then you can think it out and come up with the best option.

Reach in the BIOS Menu:

I’ll make an effort to explain it to you even if it could be challenging since it’s worth trying. Your laptop needs to be turned off and then back on. To open the BIOS menu, use either Esc or Del, depending on your preference.

Let’s say you ask your keyboard to access the BIOS menu, and it does so. Depending on what your laptop says, you will be able to detect if your keyboard has a hardware or software issue because you now know what to do. You must be able to fix it if it’s hardware. It is possible to upgrade or reinstall the software if the keyboard is having software problems.

My Keyboard Not Working On My Laptop


Reinstall the Software:

To do this, use the onscreen keyboard or make use of an external keyboard. There are only a few simple steps involved in these strategies that you can quickly complete.

  • Right-click your “My PC” icon on the screen of your Laptop.
  • Select the appropriate properties from the menu dropdown.
  • When a new window opens, Find the Device Manager. or

Select the Device Manager option from WinX’s Menu.

  • Under ‘Keyboards’, you’ll find the keyboard of your Laptop.
  • Right-click it and choose  Uninstall. If it lists multiple keyboard programs, remove all of them.

Restart your Laptop and see whether the driver is installed automatically. If not, start Devices Manager, right-click on Keyboards and select Scan for changes to the hardware to fix the issue. I hope this can help your keyboard to function as expected.

Keyboard Settings:

The software may occasionally change the settings to permit the operation of another programme. But you might have purposefully or mistakenly changed the surroundings. If so, open the settings menu and reset the keyboard settings to their initial state. Right now, the keyboard should work.

Disable the Filter Keys:

It’s possible that you were unaware of this setting information, but Windows does offer it as a choice. If you believe that you can’t type quickly enough with your keys, the filter keys settings on your computer may have been turned on.

Simply go to the settings page and choose Ease of Access. The Filter Key option must be disabled when selecting the keyboard from the left menu. Repeated keystrokes will be stopped by Filter Keys. So, turning it off can help you find a solution.

Reboot the Laptop:

Why not give your laptop the chance to boot cleanly if nothing else works? Any undesirable software or settings changes made without your permission will be removed. Also, it will enable your computer to get clean. If it works for you, it might be another piece of software that’s been messing with your keyboard settings. Before doing the clean boot, make a backup of all your important data and files.

With this article, I hope to have provided you with all the information needed to assist you in resolving the keyboard problem with the laptop. Good fortune!

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