15 Best Ad Management Plugins for WordPress in 2023

15 Best Ad Management Plugins for WordPress in 2023

Best Ad Management Plugins Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins and administration tools for advertising?

Ads are a common way for WordPress website owners to monetise their blogs. We’ll outline the best WordPress plugins and solutions for managing ads in this post so you can enhance your advertising earnings.

What are the benefits of using an Ad Management plugin in WordPress?

Several WordPress websites rely significantly on advertising to monetize their content online. Unfortunately, WordPress does not come with an easy way to manage your adverts.

Even the majority of WordPress themes lack designated areas for ad placement. Sadly, this implies that in order to integrate ad codes on your website, you will frequently need to edit the theme’s files.

You may simply add advertisements to any location on your website by using a WordPress plugin for managing your advertising. Also, it enables you to maximise the use of the advertising space and optimise your placement of advertisements.

Let’s examine some of the most popular WordPress ad control plugins to see how they might increase your income.

Google Ad Manager

A website-based ad-selling and -serving service for publication is called Google Ad Manager. It combines the greatest features of DoubleClick and Ad Exchange, two of Google’s older advertising technologies, providing it an advantage over competing platforms in terms of dependability and effectiveness.

Larger websites are best suited for Google Ad Management. The most lucrative advertisement is then chosen to appear on your website after Google AdSense and other advertising networks compete on pricing.

Also, Google Ad Manager has top-notch reporting features that make it possible to assess the efficacy of advertisements with greater accuracy than other solutions. Despite its effectiveness, it’s difficult to begin with.

Advanced Ads

You may create, manage, and schedule as many ads as you’d like using the Advanced Advertising plugin, which is easy to use. Advertising can be anchored to specific locations on the page or arranged in grids, and you can have them translated into the language of the web browsers of your visitors.

All forms of advertising, including Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, and Amazon Advertising, are compatible with Advanced Ads. Even though there is a free version of the plugin, there are more features in the paid version.

For instance, Click fraud security is built into the premium version. This prevents spammers and automated programmes from clicking on your adverts inadvertently, which could result in the suspension of your AdSense account.

Also, it has the function of refreshing advertisements, which enables you to change the order of adverts on the same page whenever someone visits your website. This minor adjustment can increase the number of ads you show and your overall ad revenue.

Ad Inserter

A WordPress advertising management plugin called Ad Inserter is offered in both free and premium versions. Its free version is sufficient to act as your main tool for managing your ads, but if you want access to more sophisticated capabilities, you need upgrade to the paid version.

You can construct many ad blocks and select the insertion method afterwards. For instance, you can place AdBlock before or after the snippet of your post, before and after the body of your blog post, between posts, and much more.

Also, you have the option to turn off automatic ad placement on pages, posts, categories, and home and archives pages. Ad Inserter may host outside ad networks and is fairly simple to use.

Quick AdSense

A popular free WordPress advertising management plugin is Fast Adsense. Despite what the plugin’s name suggests, it can be used to display any kind of advertisement, including hosted ads and ads from external ad networks like Google Adsense.

There is an intuitive settings page where you can control your ads and specify how and where to display them. The plugin will display advertisements prior to and following posts, within the text, following an extract, and more.

On sidebars and other widget-ready areas, it also features customised adverts widgets that show advertisements.

It lacks the sophisticated capabilities included in the other plugins on this list. The fact that you can only save 10 adverts at a time is another drawback.


An easy-to-use WordPress advertising management plugin is called AdSanity. The visual editor’s widgets and ad inserter button make it simple to add advertisements to any website.

Other ad networks, like Google Adsense, as well as hosting advertisements (banner ads controlled and sold directly via you), are supported. Also, it provides sophisticated capabilities like ad scheduling, ad groups, and the ability to place one ad or group while tracking statistics and views.

Using shortcodes, widgets, or the button on the post editor, you may easily create as many advertisements as you’d like and add them to your website.

Within WordPress, it is also possible to insert advertising in individual posts. It enables you to improve advertising effectiveness without changing any of the files of your WordPress template.


Both new and seasoned WordPress users can benefit from the efficient AdRotate advertising management plugin. It alternates banner ads and network commercials and can be used with hosted ads.

It makes it simple to create ads or ad groups and use shortcodes to add them to your WordPress posts. With specialised widgets, it is also feasible to add advertisements on sidebars.

AdRotate offers fundamental statistics to track ad impressions, which might be very helpful if you plan to sell direct ads on your website.

It is accessible as an open-source plugin that can be utilised on a variety of little-sized websites and blogs. But, in order to use their professional version’s cutting-edge capabilities, including geo-targeting, scheduling,

AdContent Management

Don’t let limitations on your advertising alternatives exist. Instead, pick a WordPress ad management plugin like AdContent Pro that enables infinite specific advertising, pop-ups, non-restricted ad positions, and a lot more.

This robust ad-related plugin offers a number of options for managing and creating ads on your website. Anyone can create advertising with ease; it’s just like posting a new blog post, only there are more options. Prioritize after choosing the type of advertisement you want to make. The next steps are to choose a layout, enter the destination’s address, and add any necessary media or material. Also, sophisticated pop-up advertising can be made!

There are several targeting choices available as well, depending on the type of post, page type, user role, and location. This is an excellent way to raise the value of memberships, offer subscribers special discounts, or display adverts in particular languages depending on the user’s location.

Advertising can be easily placed by using widgets, shortcodes provided by the ads, or, if you’re a developer, these PHP or JS routines. Also, you may utilise the intricate placement options to display particular advertising based on the screen size, the page, the taxonomy, the type of post, and the before/after content. You can alternatively let placement happen at random.

Corner Ad Management Free Plugin

Best Ad Management Plugins Corner advertisement Corner Ad is a simple advertising-management plugin that displays advertisements in the top right corner of your WordPress page (or right). In order to prevent a negative user experience, it is intended to be a bit disturbing. When a user hovers over the advertisement, it flips to reveal the full-sized version. The advertisement changes back to its previous state once the mouse has left. Use this plugin to promote future sales, important news, or even the “hidden sale.”

ADDING – WP Pro Advertising System

Best Ad Management Plugins You can make money with actual advertisements on your WordPress website if it receives the appropriate amount of visitors. This is nothing new, and many web marketers have long since created websites that can be supported by money from advertising.

A plugin for your website is called ADDING. The ADDING (formerly WP Pro Advertising System) plugin is a great way to control and show advertising on your website. Visitors are therefore more inclined to click on an eye-catching and appealing advertisement.

Multiple Ad Types

Six fantastic ad types are used by ADDING to create uber-clickable ads:

Typical advertisements: positioned in widget areas or within your content.
Fly-in advertisements: slide into view in the display’s lower right corner.
Pop-up advertisements: appear at users to pique their interest.
corner peelers: Your website’s top-right corner has been “peeled” to reveal an advertisement.
Full-screen adverts can be buried above your content in the background.
Advertisements in newsletters: Works with MailChimp to display adverts in newsletters sent to subscribers through email.
You can experiment with different ad formats until you find the ones that generate the most clicks. The background advertisements and corner peelers, though, are magnificent.

Allows you to rotate your adverts utilising stunning transition animations to make sure that your consumers do not experience ad-blindness, which can be a significant problem when ads are your primary monetization component.

The two most significant plugins that operate with ADDING are Visual Composer and Slider Revolution. You can insert adverts anywhere with a unique design, even inside the image slider. The plugin also offers an extensive analytics function to monitor how well your ads are performing, is flexible, and is simple to set up.

AdSense plugin WP QUADS

Best Ad Management Plugins The easiest approach to integrate Google AdSense into your WordPress website is probably with the AdSense plugin. You can display advertisements with the plugin’s free version in a variety of locations on your WordPress website, including:

widgets for sidebars
Beginning, middle, and end of the post
When “more” is followed by “more” tags,
after postings with pics
To display the advertisement, copy and paste your Google AdSense code snippet into the widget. With the fragments, you may also include advertisements within any paragraph of your blog article.

The plugin’s premium version is called WP QUADS Pro. Amazing features added by WP QUADS Pro include:

Ads that show up in the AMP version of your website’s pages are known as AMP advertising (check out our article on how to get started using AMP for WordPress)
Ads that are responsive display flawlessly on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.
You can only display advertising on tablets, mobile devices, desktop computers, or any mix of these, according to the Visible Condition.
Pricing for a single-site licence start at just 49 EUR, and it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it a perfect alternative for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

WordPress Ad Widget for Free Plugin

You may display Google Ads and custom advertising on your WordPress website with the help of the incredibly straightforward WordPress Ad Widget plugin. You can offer your customers a variety of options if you choose to promote ad slots on your website. How? You can advertise the Facebook page, Instagram accounts, and many other profiles using one of the more than 55 ad-formats available.

The WP Bannerizer Pro is a Free WordPress Plugin

Best Ad Management Plugins WP Bannerize Pro may be the solution if the majority of your marketing is carried out utilising banners that aren’t based on Adobe Flash. It establishes a brand-new post type called “Banners.” You may now make banners that look just like articles or web pages.

To create a banner, import or upload the banner picture first. Then, decide if you want to keep track of impressions and click-through rates. Finally, publish the banner. You will then receive a shortcode for the newly produced banner. With the shortcode, you can then add the banner to any page, post, or widget ad space.

Additional features include IP limits, role-based targeting, geo-targeting, and a fully functional analytics dashboard.


Best Ad Management Plugins The majority of the necessary features you need to manage the advertising on your website are included in the free WordPress Insert plugin. It is simple to install, and the WordPress marketplace is full of positive reviews.

The integrated ability to support Google Adsense and Page-Level adverts is one of this plugin’s most significant features. You may also experiment with different ad placements on your website thanks to an A/B testing tool and the manual override feature for auto-positioning.

You have unrestricted access to Adblocks, so you can prevent any adverts from appearing on your page.

This plugin is free, thus it probably won’t have all the functionality that paid plugins have.

The AWPCP Classifieds Free WP Plugin

Best Ad Management Plugins A traditional plugin called “A Different WordPress Classifieds Plugin” was developed to provide a feature-rich online classifieds section to the WordPress website. Searches for classifieds can be done by state, nation, username, or keywords. Moreover, Google AdSense advertisements can be displayed. Examine all of your options for managing your classifieds website powered by WordPress.

For building a top-notch classifieds website, many premium modules, such as Authorize.net and PayPal connection with payment gateways, campaign manager, and coupon module, can be quite helpful.

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